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About Us

If you are thinking about buying your dream home or refinancing your current home loan, West Gate Bank offers a variety of home mortgage financing programs to help you meet your needs.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. When you work with West Gate Bank, you work with experienced mortgage lenders at your local community bank. We have financed hundreds of home loans all over Lincoln. Because West Gate Bank is a local community bank, we know the Lincoln market and have great relationships with experienced realtors, appraisers, and title companies in our community. We know how to get your loan through quickly and efficiently.

West Gate Bank's mortgage lenders will:

         • Meet with you personally and listen to your individual goals
         • Recommend a loan structure that meets your goals (we have many options and can
           customize a solution for you)
         • Help you complete a loan application
         • Keep you informed during the application, approval, and closing stages

Meet our Lenders

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6003 Old Cheney Rd., Lincoln, NE  68516
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